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Please can someone give me an aggregate I can add to urethane twin pack mix which will increase the amount of sq meters panelling I can make per kilo.
I want to set up some farm workers buildings and also a workshed on my place. Insulation being key to the project. Thinking of adding wood shaving/chips of which I have plenty.
Can also add pebbles and small stone chips - many available.
I need some advice and suggesions please.
Wall width for stability is see as 114 mm which is compatible with standard size timber width in my country.
Thank you
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I think you want to use the manual process, where you mix the two parts before filling a mould. Then,
1. You need a middle to long creaming system, about 60 -90 sec (from start mixing to start rising)
2. As you say, insulation is the key and you get it while using low density materials. So, stone chips do not help. Maybe you increase the M2 but the insulation will go down.
3. Any additional material will increase the time you´ll need to mix well and increases the viscosity to spread the mix in the mould. So I think you first mix well the two parts and then add the third part (the filler), thus the polimer mix is well blended first.
4. Maybe the wood shaving could fit, but maybe you better try with rice shell which is even light.
5. Try to spread the mix in the mould the most smooth possible and best, before it to start rising.
6. The weight of mix you could save should be the needed to fill the volume of the shells you add.
Good luck.