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Oil Expeller Manufacture Introduces Oil Expeller Structure
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Wintone Mahcinery is a popular oil expeller manufacture in China with more than 20 years experience. We produce oil expellers which are suitable for peanuts, sunflowers, cottonseeds, rapeseeds,etc. How much do you know about oil expeller machine? Do you know the oil expller machine composition? Next Wintone as an oil expeller manufacture introduce you that.
Oil expeller is the central part of the whole oil extraction plant. Oil expeller consists of a screw shaped worm enclosed in a sealed chamber. The chamber has inlet and outlet opening which enable the flow of input seeds and outgoing oil and refuse. The precooked seeds are fed through a hopper into the inlet of the chamber. The screwing action of the worm pushes the seeds towards the narrow end. As the seeds are pressed to the narrow end, oil is released as a result of increased pressure. Through very tiny holes, specially built at this end, oil escapes the chamber. Flowing through the pipes oil is collected at storage end. The refuse of the seeds after extracting oil is collected as oil cakes which is again a very important commercial product. Most of the plants work out their economic viability by calculating the sales of oil cakes.
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