Lumbar puncture
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My brother in law has had serious side effects from his lumbar puncture. He went to the ER three weeks ago for a migraine headache. He first refused a spinal tap. He was administered pain medication for the headache. After a half an hour he was told that the Doctor said that he HAD to have the puncture. He reluctantly signed the papers (while loopy and without his wife present). Three days after the procedure he had excruciating back pain at the site of the puncture. So much so, he could not walk. He was rushed by ambulance back to the hospital where he was told he had a bulging disk and an infection in the spine. He was given iv antibiotics and then sent home. Since then he has been back to the ER five times for pain. He has been admitted to the hospital again for a study to determine the location of the infection. It has been assumed by the doctors that an infection is in the bone at the site of the lumbar puncture. Both my brother in law and my sister are furious with the condition of him after the lumbar puncture. He is unable to stop shaking and sweating from pain, has trouble urinating, unable to walk unassisted for over 18 days. Doctors are switching back and forth between the cause of his condition, one admitting that the procedure was done incorrectly and then that his current condition has nothing to do with the lumbar puncture. Does my brother in law have a medical malpractice suite? Is there any hope that he will recover?