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Mind Screen Film Institute is the applied art dedicated to the Film school for Cinematography and accessories which generally mirror influences of that time.

Creating films is about telling a story in a visual medium and suited to telling visual stories. There are certain visual effects which tell a story in a more believable manner. Bad cinematography can ruin even the best of scripts. The second eye stops believing in the film, the whole movie becomes one big visual distraction. If the camera work is terrible, the angles awkward and the cutting distracting, the audience will focus on those elements rather than get lost as an active observer of the story

Creating movies is about creating an illusion. It's about making the viewers believe they are in the scenes with the actors as an observer. As a visual story teller it's your responsibility to ensure your audience can remain in this fantasy land for the duration of your film.

If you don't understand cinematography then you won't be able to keep your audience believing in the 3 dimensional illusion of your story. Therefore our film school focuses heavily on cinematography and the process of creating a breathtakingly believable film.

These days, you can spend four years of your life and almost spend some lakhs to obtain a prestigious film degree from a big-name university. Yet once you hit the streets looking for a job in the entertainment industry, that hard-earned diploma may not land as many interviews or bring you as much respect as you imagined.

Indeed, you may find yourself losing out to someone without a degree but who happens to have some production credits, plus good connections.

This is why internships have become an increasingly effective way to get the proverbial foot in the door. Many producers and production managers no longer look to resumes but instead turn to colleagues for their hiring recommendations.

Experience sells, too, but good references are absolutely vital, especially in tight job markets. Producers and directors who are responsible for multimillion-dollar projects often have to hire quickly, and they must trust that the people who get the jobs will show up every day and give their best efforts.

Mind Screen Film Institute welcomes prospective candidates to come and visit the campus. This is certainly the best way to get a 'feel' for the place and meet those with whom you may work and socialize. All our Open Days are primarily aimed at August 2009 Batch who are considering applying to Mind Screen Film Institute and would like to find out more about the courses available and the admissions process. The programme Open Days include an opportunity to take a tour of the College.

Please note that attendance at an Open Day is not a prerequisite for applying, and those who apply without having attended an Open Day are not at a disadvantage with regard to admissions.

Dates (To apply for the courses): Applications for August batch can be started receiving from April 10, 2009 till July 31, 2009.

However, if you need any clarifications or encounter any discrepancy in the Mind Screen Film Institute courses provided here, do write to us.

We welcome any kind of feedback that will improve the quality of the site, a site that strives to provide the best information regarding Mind Screen Film Institute courses in India.

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