String theory
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I am Valery new and not up to speed yet reading all the insightful posting. The reason I have joined this and other groups is to see who is thinking and what their thinking. I hope to find people out here asking the correct questions and keeping open mind thinking thru things as I do. I have a working unified field theorem and am currently defining and documenting the Valery certainty principal the opposite of Heisenberg uncertainty principle. This entails a new periodic chart of elements which includes each element Magnetic Moments. This chart and the already known movements of the sub-atomic structure will enable me to begin my cold diffusion experiments of H2O. Any and all are welcome to pick my mind clean of this knowledge I intend to give it all away. Valery Somiety
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by valerysom on Tue Sep 01, 2009 7:17 pm
Let me throw out something to the astronomers or astrophysicist to ponder. In Kepler’s laws of planetary motion planetary orbits are ellipses with the sun as a focus. Einstein special relativity related mass and energy to get us closer to but not exactly explain what’s really going on. I.E. even Einstein Equations could not explain both the orbits of mercury and Pluto still anomalous.

What Einstein postulated was that space is curved and in simple terms the more mass a body ha s the more space time is bent. I only wish he was still around so that we could share the corrected data and /or theories. You see my work on the sub-atomic particle is rapidly clear up many of the question he took to task. My research is far enough along to start the debates. 1st
It is not space that is curved, gravity’s on nature creates the curve. My work has show me that gravity is a temporary monopole magnetic moment. What I have found is that what is above is the same as what is below. ALL THE MATTER IN THE UNIVERSE IS SOLELY THE PRODUCT OF MAGNTISM AND MOTION. Let me try to explain it as I would to my daughter 15 yr of age. If we took a magnet and could break it in half so as to keep only the north pole reaction (mono-pole) magnet
and than we could make all other matter south pole reaction only we would have an exact duplicate of how gravity is suggested to react. Pull only but the truth be known we observe that gravity does in fact not only pull but pushes as well. The answer for me lied in final understand what’s going on at the smallest level. The atom is a perfected matter / anti-matter balancer. It is the yin yang, it is duality. The process that starts in the atom creates the VESICA PISSCES AND PHI mathematically speaking one does not exist with out the other. When I refer to matter and anti-matter I am speaking of the nucleus and the electron. The nucleus big the north pole reaction momentarily only (momentary mono-pole attract only) and the electron being the purely opposition (momentary replies only Mono-pole magnetic reactant) this cleans up a lot of big problems with the mathematics in physics for one it final confirms the best models that state that when matter was created there should have been equal portions of matter to anti-matter created.

Enough physics for the moment, let’s get back to planetary spacing and Phi. It is quite clear to me that modern physics has made wrong turns in the path to knowledge. I.E. take the work done by Titis and Bode they worked out the phi relationship to planetary spacing within just a few percent. What was not known at the time of there work was that the planets that didn’t quite fit in there model where trying to tell them something. THE AMOUNT THESE PLANETS VARIED DETERMINES THAT PLANETS ICLINATION OF PLANE ( planetary tilt) In laymen’s terms the amount a planets spacing varies from the phi conjunction idle determine how much the planet is tilted toward that phi ideal conjunction. There theorem was not incorrect just incomplete any one of you at home can easily do the visual math. Take a rather large piece of paper 32” x 32”; and read up on how to create a right phi spiral next do the opposite create a left originating at a common centre. Next pick one of the inter-most conjunctions where the lines cross and label it mercury. Then from the centre draw a line to that point and move 7 degrees left or right. Use a compass to determine the distance from the centre to mercury convert that in to known A.U. and then use those conversions to calculate out to other planets. As you plot the known A.U. s for the other planets keep in mind the elliptical orbits and continue to note the compass settings.

More when I have time Valery
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The theory of gravity and the monopole magnet is simply an analogy. And I hope that everyone understands that, as it stands if a monopole magnet were to exist it would only affect the valence electrons of the surrounding atoms not every single subatomic down to the plausible string theory sub atomic energy level and this is where magnetism and gravity should not under any circumstances be argued as similar.

I hope this does not offend your present ideas or mindset as that is not my aim.

There are many atoms showing no magnetic properties at all however there are none that show no affects to gravity. Within the simplistic model of the atom only the electron positions and bond formations are altered by magnetism.

As for the astronomical again we have to treat magnetism and gravity as two very separate forces not to mention the gravitational forces and magnetic forces of most the planets and satellites. In order to create an accurate model of even our solar system much and more than these simple two forces have to be applied to any equation to achieve an exact model.
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Quote: Photosynthetic microbes employ quantum coherence to efficiently channel the incoming energy from photons

An interesting article in Sc Am
They fired a laser for a very short time ( acc. to the maths the time for one photon to appear) causing multiple pathways.

Was it a quantum effect as in channeling a photon through lots of pathways over huge distances(atomically speaking)or just showing that light is an electro magnetic wave. All particles have a magnetic field, so surely a photon must have too, even though it has no mass and can not be detected.
But I think(among some others) Light is an Electromagnetic wave=quantum coherence and that photons/wavicles do not exist. Einstein needed them as an implement to hammer electrons from metal... given a certain wavelenght.
Bohr: When an electron drops in an orbit closer to the nucleus it looses 'a photon'.l' An electromagnetic wave.

Atoms with no magnetic properties whatsoever...
You started so clearly about valence and the sub-atomic. Does it matter to what extend they are affected. Furthermore subatomic particles are also viewed as one dimensional strings.

_I have to reread the first post...was there a suggestion that everything was magnetic? I lost the coherence with the mention of a connection of versae vearea pis-s-ces "the thrown or was it real fish!?" with phi._phi=golden ratio
were psi is unit for pressure.
einstein phi=energy to get the electron of the metal.
sir jon etc 1929 phi=molecular orbital etc. LCAO
vesica pisces ah enlightenment two perfect spericals of which radius...visualize the building of the pyramids with two sticks and a piece of string to make a straight line.
This forum does not make referral and quick switch easy.

quote encyclopedia: The most common shapes for the density distribution of protons and neutrons in an atomic nucleus
---The nucleus is the very dense region consisting of nucleons at the center of an atom. Almost all of the mass in an atom is made up from the protons and neutrons in the nucleus, with a very small contribution from the orbiting electrons....---
are spherical, prolate and oblate
---An oblate spheroid is a rotationally symmetric ellipsoid having a polar axis shorter than the diameter of the equatorial circle whose plane bisects it. Oblate spheroids stand in contrast to prolate spheroids....---
spheroidal. Deformed shapes occur as a result of the competition between electromagnetic repulsion between protons, surface tension
--- is a property of the surface of a liquid. It is what causes the surface portion of liquid to be attracted to another surface, such as that of another portion of liquid . Applying Newtonian physics to the forces that arise due to surface tension accurately predicts many liquid behaviors...---
and shell effects.

Quantum mechanics is a set of principles describing the physical reality at the atomic level of matter and the subatomic . These descriptions include the simultaneous wave-like and particle-like behavior of both matter and radiation...

And given that some phycisists speculated about even molecules having channeling properties.
A twin photon joins a magnetic actor..what will it's twin do that joined the non-actor?
The puzzler for Einstein (then only our Milky way was known and thought to be all of the universe) was a photon splitting in two halves; one bouncing between two mirrors and it's twin half a starsystem away and how it could be that they still influenced each other.
A solution is to suppose inherent properties -locality and momentum are inseperable-but it stays a puzzler.

But this 2,7M evolutionairy lighteating organism with multiple fast track pathways makes one wonder if there is a smallest unit of Light! (the author compared it to f.i. driving in your car, taking three roads at the same time and still arriving as a whole in the fastest way possible.
Strings of collapsed wavefields are presumably smaller still. And would they too carry a tiny magnetic field. what happens to the integrity of that field?
Matter is most and foremost space.

I would say that electromagnetic force and motion are the mayor players . Put like that motion would cause gravity.
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Message sent to theoretical physicist Sean Carroll

Dr. Carroll
I can’t expect to achieve much sending this message, but if one doesn’t follow their heart felt believes then why would one continue their research. To remain brief in hopes that you might read this message: I respect all the good science that has got us this far but, It is my belief that some vary fundamental mistakes were made early on, going back all the way to Faraday, and Thomson. I have spent the last 5 yrs learning and unlearning and developing theory. I am current building devices to prove the existence of momentary mono-pole moments. I do not suggest that mono-pole exist.

My life work will be to prove and demonstrate how the entire universe is a carefully time series of motion that are all held in perfect timing creating these momentary mono-pole reactions which we understand to be gravity and mass. In this prove I will explain that the most fundamental (smallest/simplest) piece of these building blocks that create both matter and time are paired magnetic rings that are in a three dimensional motion that create the quantum field of a both the sub-atomic level (smallest fractal level) all the way through out the universe (largest universal fractal level). Forgive my poor communication skills. I will not attempt to communicate again until I have a device to demonstrate my theories. One that will explain Michael Faraday’s magnetic paradox a well documented anomaly, I would hope any theoretical physicist would ponder. If time allows you to review Faraday’s early work you might be awaken to how magnetism in a permanent magnet is ruled by earth’s magnetosphere. The magnet’s inability to rotate on its horizontal axis. If you do visit the paradox I give a simple clue/hook if you will.
Think about the cars on a turning Ferris wheel, which are the size of the molecule that make up the ferrite crystalline structure.

It is simpler then we ever imagined and it is beautiful.
My pen name Valery Somiety one who loves the mystery.
Thank you for your time and your contributions to truth in science.
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Keeping it beyond brief all radiation including the band width we refer to as light and photons is matter that is in a highly excited state. Depend on how you count these different states: solid, gaseous, liquid, plasmatic, ORMUS, and a sixth state, possible matters highest state. This super accelerated state occurs when the reactions that are normal held within the nucleus are inverted, that which we recognized as mass becomes anti-mass. In this state the reactions (motion of the magnetic flux rings), that we recognize as mass and gravitational reactions have been inverted normally in the first five states these reactions are contained to the nucleus once the higher state of excitement is achieve the reaction are move to the exterior of the particles. This allows them to now react with the macro spectrums of that which we understand as gravity. In this state of inversion the particle reacts to specific timing of the gravitational field it is within determining it direction and speed within that gravitational system.

As this radiation travels through the seemingly void of space it eventually encounters matter at the lower states, and when it does super high state (motion of the paired magnetic rings) is transfer to the lower states of matter. This transfer of kenotic motion is seen by us as heating or excitation of lower states of matter. Once the radiation is below the 6th state it then returns to matter in one of the 5 states we recognize. In the case of the photon, most likely hydrogen, in the case of neutrino helium, the two most abundant elements in the universe.