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Looking for people who went to catholic school 1963 first grade in wolf point
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I have never seen a site that is so difficult to use! I just wanted to ask a question, can someone please put this question in the right place? This is not my question, but I;m so aggravated now trying to use this site. Please no one be offended by this, but why does wolf point have this many intellectuals? I have all these questions and no one to ask them about, I find this site and people are talking about things of importance? There must be a logical answer. Forgive me, I was only six when I left there, but I thought it was a hick town? I am probably not intelligent enough to be here. My question is when I was in first grade at the catholic school there, 3 or 4 children would be called out of class. When they came back to class their cheeks looked like they were stuffed with cotton balls? We could not talk because the nuns would whack you in the head with those old hard wood yard sticks! The nuns never got me, I left half way thru first grade. Anyone know what those nuns were doing to those poor kids? I've wondered my whole life.