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Is there a place that will help me get my fiance home for christmas hes in the army in afganstan and been there for a while im not rich and im have some of the money he needs so he can be with me for christmas and i never was away from him for christmas i ask god to help me with this and guild me through the rough time im going through and to bring him home safe and sound. i pray every nite and day hoping i can see him again we plan on getting married when he is in but we dont know when that will be i miss him so much and he would love to be here with me he doesnt know im triing to bring him home for christmas i wanted to surprise him with it and i didnt what to tell him and then hes excited about it then it doesnt happen can anyone help me to bring a soldier home for the holiday or just give me a place that will help me i would really really appreciate it god is good and he will help in his own way but im just looking to get him home and i dont know where to start ty for your time