Infertility working specialist offering to help anyone looking for Surrogacy abroad
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It would be a pleasure to help any one looking for Surrogacy abroad

I am an infertility working specialist with over 15 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied patients. I would be happy to offer free consultations by telephone with a review of your medical files.

If you are qualified for IVF, I can also help you choose an IVF clinic abroad and will support you throughout the cycle. Clinics abroad offer very competitive prices. They are staffed with very competent fertility doctors and are well regulated by medical bodies.

I am of course happy to answer medical questions that the community on this forum may have as well.

For more personal questions, feel free to send me a message to
My best regards –

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Free Online Seminar! April 16, 2015, 16:00-17:00. BioTexCom managers will answer all your questions concerning surrogacy and egg donation during the video - chat. Read more (click on the link WEBINAR)
English speaking managers of the Center for Human Reproduction BioTexCom will held the web conference on April 16, 2015 (Thursday) from 16:00 to 17:00 Kiev time (GMT + 2) which will take place on the clinic’s official web site. Meeting online in a real time is a unique opportunity for the infertile people to get acquainted with the assisted methods of reproductive medicine, and ask any questions with the regards to the surrogacy, egg donation, procedure stages, donors’ selection, legal issues and many others. English-speaking managers who daily work with foreign clients and lead the programs will help you to understand all the tricks of modern reproduction. You need only to write your question in the chat.
Rules of participation in the webinar:
1. Visit the official website of the clinic BioTexCom;
2. Click on the box "webinar" on the home page;
3. Click on the link you will see after clicking on the "webinar" box;
4. Fill in your name;
5. Welcome! You are in the video - chat! Here you can write any question related to the programs of reproductive medicine, and our manager will answer you in the mode of video conferencing. Thus, we will see only question in the chat, and you will be able to see and hear the manager and her answers.

NOTICE!!! The nearest BioTexCom Webinar will be held on April 16, 2015, 16:00-17:00, local Ukrainian time. Link to the participation in the online - seminar will be active only during this hour. Follow the latest clinic’s news and follow our webinar
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From the beginning I want to say sorry for my long story. But the main opinion of my story is that I don’t regret everything I overcame. Parenthood was worth all my infertility troubles. Losing money is the lowest loss among all I had. And thanks to surrogate mothers who save us from suicide. They bring infertile women to life giving them sense of existence. When I was 28 years old I went through a serious surgery during which doctors had to dissect my ovarium out. Medical workers warned me of the consequences in future, in particular infertility. I had no choice in the matter because we did not think about fertility at that moment but how to save my life. Being 30 years old my husband and I gave thought to child. Having known my diagnosis we understood that I can bear a child only with the help of donor eggs and IVF program. Therefore, we gave a second thought to reproductive medical programs, studied all information and chose the country where we can take advantage of ART. India is one of the well postered among such countries. Price for donation program is rather handsome in addition we wanted to see tourist India. So my husband and I packed our bags and flew to South Asia. We chose reproductive medicine clinic that is in Anand city. There we were met by a friendly, pleasant woman - clinic director. She told us that all their donors are faith worthy - none of them smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs. Medical program takes place under doctors’ control and in accordance with all norms. Be that as it may, but all donors there are of Hindu race. We have nothing against people of other nationalities but still we wanted child to be like us, as far as possible in this case. We have taken note of the Indian clinic and decided to look for another one. Spain, clinic in Barcelona was a second enter we opted for. Visiting Spanish center we were impressed with the high level of organization and services quality. Having got to know all programs’ proposals and conditions we signed the contract. After medical examinations (tests, ultrasound and semen analysis) we have chosen a suitable donor and began stimulation. I took hormonal drugs during more than a month. Program was conducted with the use of frozen oocytes. Embryo transfer did not last long but was rather painful. Unfortunately, the result was negative – I was not pregnant. Doctors explained that it happens so because not all are lucky to become pregnant on the first try. As a result, they twisted our arm and we agreed for another two IVF attempts in their clinic. It should be noted that during this time we have spent a lot of money. We had to pay separately for each IVF attempt. In addition, expenses for accommodation, meal, transfer, some medicines and flight was also shouldered as a burden. But it is not the most important thing, because our dream was so long-awaited child. After three attempts in Spain we have not reached our goal. After we came back home we talked to those who also went through donation program. In addition we studied information about eggs cryopreservation and realized that the problem was just in freeze. Process of cryopreservation of genetic material adversely affects its quality that’s why very often the result is negative. Having already some experience and being taught from own mistakes we continued our search for the ideal clinic. In a word, being disappointed in clinics, we realized that we just cannot financially be able to buy more than one attempt. And we found Ukrainian BioTexCom Centre. The price pleasantly surprised us - we paid 30 thousand euros for the surrogacy program. But, it is important to note, this price included accommodation, meals, transfers, meeting at the airport and all medical procedures. And not a penny more! We were amazed that after the first attempt our surrogate mother got pregnant! We left Ukraine at the end of the program with no problems and did all the paperwork for the child easily. Today we are happy parents!