Robert Redford
In Praise of "The Conspirator"
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I had read some lukewarm reviews of "The Conspirator" and almost did not watch it, but my daughter wanted to see it. Great film! Truly great film. One of the best films I have seen in many years, and now on my top twenty list.

Few films achieve the period authenticity of this one without detracting at all from the riveting story.

My husband, my daughter and I are all lawyers - my husband and I being retired public defenders - and we were THRILLED, thrilled and amazed, mind you, to see this marvelous cinematic explanation as well as justification of our living, breathing Constitution. Usually it's ignored, or even dissed, until a person or a family member is accused of something.

Perhaps this theme explains the attitude of some reviewers.

Thank you, Mr. Redford, for making this film so that not only our generation but succeeding ones may possibly understand the crucial role of the Constitution in American history and daily life.