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I'm trying to determine the original hit version of "Earth Angel" by The Penguins. I have what I thought were first issues of the original 45 (DOOT0NE 348), one has a black label and the other is blue. The labels are identical other than the color. Though the vinyl is clean, the noise is terrible throughout both records and the time on both (timed with a stopwatch) is 2:47. Do I own records that have a copy of the original labels with an alternate recording?
The reason I mention alternate is that I have a reissue of the 45 of DOOTONE 348 (maroon & silver label that I bought new back in the 80s that times out at 2:55. The version on Rhino's Doo Wop Box times out at 2:52 and the version on Ace (UK) Golden Age Series times out 2:54.
I have a list of domestic CDs on which "Earth Angel" appears and the times range from 2:52 to 2:57.
Do I own boot 45s or is 2:47 the time of the original 45?

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