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If a graviton is in the atom then why does matter with more atoms still fall at the same rate?
Could it be possible that all atoms are expanding and thus creating an illusion of attraction?
example: Earth is expanding which in turn lifts the expanding tree upward and when the expanding apple is released from the tree it no longer has an upward acceleration thus appears to fall as the Earth continues to expand outward?
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Theoritical graviton will remain as theory and will never be found in atom.

every object with different mass even light falls down on earth with same velocity of .0060822 miles/second or 9.81 meters/second velocity. and not caused by graviton rather by energy giving and sharing not just between sun and earth but between elements of universe, we can calculate it as we know the distance between sun and earth by following suggestions:

1. speed of light from sun is fixed 185185 miles/second
2. earth emits energy outward every direction with 30447042.19 miles/second velocity.

3. every object contained countless of atom , which every atom has inward pull of energy emitted by earth, this inward pull ranges from lesser to greater than speed of light that depend on what element,which means that hydrogen is the heaviest since its inward pull is the fastest compare to other elements. but still by absorption of energy from earth,hydrogen velocity is just .0061305 with little difference with that of free falling objects and light which velocity is .0060822 miles pr second.

by this suggestion every quantum velocity is affected by earth's energy emission, atoms and particle velocity approaching earth being slowed down by emitted energy they need from earth since energy emission from earth is fixed 30447042.19 miles/second.

1) 185185 / 30447042.19 = .0060822 miles per second free fall of sunlight to earth.

where 185185 miles/second is speed of light from sun

2) 186655.5555556 / 30447042.19 = .0061305 miles/sec. free fall of hydrogen to earth.

where: 186655.5555556 is energy absorption velocity of hydrogen atom

its hard to explain much further here the other things like how earth revolves around sun. how it fall in space called orbit and other thing regarding gravity.

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