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I work for X company and I have good releations with my company(X). I am an IT consulatant and I worked at client Z through 'Y' vndor. I worked there for year and first 6 months I had no issues. After 6 months Y vendor stopped payment. When my company contacted them they said , they will release the payments/checks. They didn't pay me for 6 months , My company filed a case on Y company for money. "Y" company said, X company is not registered as staffing company in NJ so they are doing illegal business. I was suprised and X company is doing business from 15 years and filing taxes and filing H1 with INS. THey don't have problem and well reputed company and they didn't cheated any employees.

How can I comlain as an individual (employee) on Y company. Because of my hard work they(Y) earned $150K on me and they didn't paid $70K to my company. Because of this my bonus was effected and my company lost 70K which they already paid to me.

Please suggest.