United States Secret Service
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I want to join the Secret Service as a special agent. I am entering the United States Navy for four years of active duty. Following my service and after I receive my bachelors degree, I will apply to the Secret Service. I was planning on pursuing a bachelors degree in political science or philosophy and minor in a foreign language (farsi or arabic). I will pursue a law degree following my bachelors.

I was born in Canada and have moved around a lot in my life. These were situational in nature and not due to crime or a poor employment history. Will my history of frequent moves hinder my application process by giving the appearance of instability? Also, because of my many moves, I have many employers attached to my resume and most of these jobs were located in Canada. Will this type of personal history be seen as unfavorable by the Service?

I'd appreciate your input on this issue and other subject relating to my application process.