Automatic transmission
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I have a Chevy TH400 transmission that I put into a 1936 Ford truck that I am building. The engine is a 350 Chev that is suppose to have over 400 HP. I bought the engine and transmission as one unit and I know the guy that I bought it from. He told me that it has a 2200 RPM stall converter. I am not sure if it is S/P (swing pitch converter). It does have the three dimples and horse shoe shape in the pan but the wire connecter has only one tab instead of two. These are suppose to be indictors of a switch pitch converter. At present I do not have power to wire connector. I believe this is only for passing gear. He took it out of his 40 sedan because the engine is a gas hog. The transmission was working fine. The engine and transmission sat for at least 5 years. I finally fired it up and the engine works great but the transmission does not. When I put it in gear it locked up the engine immediately and killed the engine. After trying it a few more times I got up the courage to give it a little gas as I dropped it into drive. It tried to kill the engine but it did keep running. I backed it out into the street and ran it up and down the road a few times. It seems to shift fine. I found that as long as the truck was moving, evening a little it would go into gear without trying to kill the engine. I tried adding some additive that is suppose to free up stuck valves but no help. I started it yesterday with the tires off the ground. I first tried it with the engine at 1200 rpm idle. I could put it into gear but with the usual bang as it tried to kill the engine. It would keep running with my foot firmly on the brake. I idled it down to 800 RPM and at that speed if I put the brake on hard it would kill the engine. Sorry to be so long winded here but I am having a hard time to find anyone with this same problem. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks