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I am so upset and angry, i am a hardworking mother who was doing my weekly shop at my local morrisons supermarket,with my three year old son who has adhd, so you can imagine how sressful shopping is, i went to the checkout paid for all my shopping and then proceeded to sit on a bench in store to wait on my husband to collect us, I was going through my shopping list when i noticed there was a jar of herbs that i hadnt paid for under my jacket i stopped a store worker and said could i give them to her, she then said could you come with me, a security guard took me and my son into back room and they said they thought i was concealing items,they lifted my jacket and there was gift wrap and chocolates that i had 100% genuinly forgotton they were there, i have never stolen anything in my life. i got very upset and explained situation, they then went though my handbag with my son there and called police, i was having such a stressful time shopping with son that i just havent realised what was there, the police came and i explained my side the police where horrible to me and the store manager siad she belived it was delibrate, i could not belive it i didnt even leave the store. The police said i could go but was banned from store, i couldnt speak i was in shock, i now looking back i feel so angry and embarresed that i made a mistake and was treated like this, i want to take this matter further and clear my name with morrisons,whatrights do i have?