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I am seeking photos and or plans of the lay out of the college if anyone can help please notify me
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I will have a look through my collection of Osborne College. Are you building a model of
the College ? Andrew
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Hello Andrew & thank you for your reply.

Forgot I posted this, its been a while & never thought I'd get a response.
Well no I'm not building a model although that is an idea. I had given thought to this previous but I'm not that good at scale conversion.

I am writing a book on the college (fictional) well 2. The other is non fiction & on the complete history of RNCO but presently my fictional book is taking up most of my time.

Since I posted this message, I have been contacted (other sources) by a wonderful gentleman who had been most generous & provided me with a blue print of the grounds circa 1914 showing all the buildings including those added later during the war. Even the colleges infectious hospital at Wippingham!
He has also provided me with several unpublished photos of the college & some of its buildings that I never knew existed, of which I am grateful & he still continues to be so helpful.

For your information my interest in the college stems from reading Michael Partridges book about a year ago & after some initial research, I came across the name of a cadet who died in 1910 from influenza at the college & since then in trying to find his grave, my interest has grown.
(yes, I know other died also but I found Wyndham just a few days before the hundredth aniversary of his death. Fate I say, fate)

The Cadet by the way is named Wyndham Knight Bruce aged 12 & he died 6th Febuary, 1910 just 3 weeks after joining Osborne (Drake Term).

Born June 1897- B.D&M- Vol 2A, page 446.
Died Feb 1910- B.D&M- Vol 2B, page 427.
The Times (London) Feb 10th, 1910, page 7.

It was said he was buried at Haslar but I have been unable to locate him as yet.

My need for photos or mainly plans of Osborne was that the book be as historicaly acurate as possible when dealing with the college, I feel the cadets, staff & Osborne itself is so long overdue the credit they all so richly deserve.

Although the cadet at the centre of the story is fictional, everyone else, Naval Personal, Admiralty Board, the people of East Cowes & other places are real & lived in the era mentioned.
Also, everything that happens in the book apart from one minor detail (well not minor) but the premise for the story acutually happened.

To be as acurate as possible, I even designed my own sloop class mine sweeper so that the story didn't interfere with true history happening around the cadet.

Did you know boys of this time 1900-1920 hated reading Treasure Island (A classic novel now) because they believed the hero, Jim Hawkins, didn't do anything really exciting?
Its true!

Do you know how the British Navy coaled its wars ships during the early part of last century?
I did not till now, that is what I mean by acurate in detail.

Anyway, that is why I posted this message & why I am seeking any information on RNC Oborne.

If you would like more information or to read some of my book to give an opinion, (critical/aclaim) I don't mind, your more than welcome to do so.

If you would like to provide me with some information or offer advice in regard any questions I have for 1 or both my books you are most welcome to do so & you will be listed in the credits.

If you can help locate Wyndham Knight Bruce that would be even better & something I would more than welcome, more so than any help you could offer to me or my books, I would gladly give everything to find him.

I should state I am not related to him, his extended family (unknown) or in any other way connected to him.

I am also not a member of the Royal Navy or of any other world navy nor am I a member of any government British/other or any orginisation private/government connected with the sea or naval/private vessels.

I don't know much about this site, that is if I can provide my personal e/mail to you to contact me, if I can I will try if you wish so.

Again, thank you for replying & I hope to hear from you.

Best wishes,

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Leighbridge. I am very interested in your project, and would like to see your efforts so far. I have read the Michael Partridge book. Your novel sounds very interesting.

I would like to know more about the information you have so far. I run the Training ships Site. Andy
duddenhall at yahoo dot com