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I am a graduate student from National University of Singapore. I am trying to build a nonlinear laser scanning microscope and for that I have purchased a Hamamatsu PMT (R3896) and DAP socket (C7950). DAP socket has the usual voltage divider circuit + a high voltage power supply + a transimpedance amplifier. So instead of the high voltages (~900V) which a PMT requires, this socket requires fixed voltage (+15V,-15V,Gnd) and control voltage (0-3.6V) for the gain. When purchasing this socket, i thought benchtop power supplies would be easily available but it turns out that Hamamatsu doesn't have one for these type of sockets.

I hope someone in this forum has used such kinds of sockets and would be able to suggest a good stable power supply. According to me, two main requirements of the power supply would be stable output with as less noise as possible and low current outputs (<100mA). You can easily find the specifications of the DAP socket and PMT online. Thanks for the suggestions.