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How to Operate Rice Milling Plants?
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From the previous particles, we know that RICE MILLING PLANT may have problems due to wrong operation and maintenance. So it is quite important to know how to operate the rice milling plant.

For the rice milling plant, the most important is quality. So during manufacturing, we should not only ensure the raw material quality, but also process and produce according to correct operation flow.

Before rice processing, we should prepare all of the auxiliary tools and containers, check and adjust the degree of tightness of the conveying belt.

Then, we start the motor. Make the RICE MILLING PLANT have a free run for about 20 minutes. Check the revolving speed of the screw shaft. Meanwhile, in the free run, we should notice whether the internal gear mesh and the sound is normal and all shafts and motors are working in good condition.

After the debugging, we can start the process. At the beginning of the process, the material feeding speed should be slow and uniform to ensure all parts can cooperate with each other well in working. In short, before rice milling process by rice milling plant, we should debug the plant and check whether the whole equipment is normal.
Operate your RICE MILLING PLANT in right way, and make it work high efficiency. If you have any problems about rice milling plant operation, no matter who you are, pls feel free to consult us. We are pleased to help every rice milling plant user.