How to Ease Arthritis Induced Back Pain
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Thousands of people suffer from back pain due to arthritis in the spine. One of the common methods of alleviating back pain is through the use of back supports while sitting and driving. These supports can be very beneficial when trying to reduce back pain that is often a result of arthritis. Arthritis in the spine can make even everyday activities almost impossible to perform, and the lack of mobility can really affect the quality of life. Even sleeping can become difficult as it can be almost impossible to find a comfortable sleeping position.

There are several areas that can be affected by arthritis of the back. Those suffering from cervical arthritis feel most of the pain in their neck and upper back. Lumbar arthritis, on the other hand, tends to have pain centered more in the lower back, and osteoarthritis presents itself most often in the neck as well as the lower back. What is most frustrating and disheartening for anyone suffering from arthritis, is knowing that there is no cure, but only pain management. In order to choose the best methods of pain control, it is imperative that patients consult their doctor to first determine the type of arthritis they have.

For those who suffer from back pain caused by arthritis, there are some effective methods of treatment to try, and it is important to experiment to find which one work best for your specific type of pain. Here are a few examples of pain relief techniques to try.


Gentle massage can be very effective in relieving back pain. If done improperly or too rigorously, massage can cause discomfort instead of relief, so be sure to communicate openly with the person doing the massage. If joints are overly swollen or inflamed, it is not a good time to administer a massage.

Hot and Cold Therapy

Many people find that applying heat to a painful back can bring soothing, effective relief. Heat can be applied either as a dry heat or a moist heat. Dry heat can be applied in a number of ways. The most time tested method is an electric heating pad or hot water bottle. More recently, people have found the barley bags that you heat in the microwave to be a little more convenient. These are widely available in department stores and pharmacies and come in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit different areas of the body.

Long skinny ones, for example can wrap around the neck for instant relief. More recently, gel packs have begun appearing on the market as a means of applying hot or cold therapy to painful joints and muscles. The warmth of a relaxing bath or whirlpool bath can also help to relieve back pain.

Some people find that the application of cold compresses relieves the pain more effectively. This can be done with gel packs as well or just cool towels applied to the area.

Creams and Gels

There are many over the counter pain relief products available for arthritis pain. Many are produced with natural products found in hot peppers, menthols and other herbs. These can sometimes cause skin reactions so be sure to test them out in small areas and in small amounts, before applying in a full area.

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