Kodiak Bear
How often do Kodiak bears kill other bears?
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I was unaware that a Kodiak bear will kill another male, but I was totally dumbfounded when I learned that they will totally dismember and devour the other bear. Have you ever heard of this?
I have a series of pictures that my buddy took while being a whitewater rafting guide. He says that the bear aggressively guarded the meatpile for four straight days and then he took the head and the spinal cord and trotted of leaving what was left to other scavengers. I actually am in possession of the pictures and there is a very clear picture of the bear walking with the other bears head in his mouth and the remnants of it's spine dragging on the ground.
Is this picture valuable? It just seems to be a rare thing to me, but pfffft just to be honest..I have no idea what I am talking about when it comes to this...so hell maybe it happens all the time and I just was unaware.
I would appreciate any input you all may have on this though. I want to post the pics up on my blog, but I want to make sure that they aren't worth something before I post my friends pictures up. TIA