White supremacy
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How does white supremacy make dealing with financial issues across racial lines more difficult?
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Understanding White Supremacy
The old tactics of “calling names and telling lies” have really served the Sons of Hell very well in their quest to destroy God’s Holy Seed from upon the Earth! Well, we know what has always worked for us. Searching for the truth and standing up for the truth when we find it! It is the Truth that protects the righteous in the Christian World!
So, let’s put all our racial theories into practice, shall we?
White Supremacy: Name the race of people that has accomplished more – or even as much as the White European People have done (law, science, invention, art, literature, etc., you know, the things that lift us above the level of an animal)? What race of people would you be better off living with should the good White people decide you have worn out your welcome in their God-given lands (choose well because the racial separation is a fact that is happening all over the world right now and those who curse us and use us spitefully are not going to be part of “white society” much longer)? What other race of people would you rather see piloting the aircraft on your next flight? Whose medicine do you reach for when you or a loved one is sick? Whose laws and whose justice do you seek when you find yourself innocent and in a courtroom? Whose kindness would you rather have when you are in trouble and what race of people would you rather have defend you when you are being mistreated?
For those of you who have answered honestly – we have many problems that maybe you “white supremists” can help us with.
Perhaps you have noticed it is this “same kindness” that we are known for that is being exploited with the multitudes of other races coming to live with us in every land that was once exclusively for White Christendom. This is the result of vile, Christ-hating, mentally-ill, Baal-worshipping Rabbis who we have mistakenly allowed to come among us a few generations ago. Their mission is to socially engineer the White Race out of existence whether through violence or race-mixing and homosexuality - and the core of their belief can be found at the foot of the Tower of Babel, “….the people seek to make themselves one, now, of all they seek to do what then shall be kept from them….?”
Well, we also know all of the nonwhite people who have come to live with us – came only because of their “great faith” in white supremacy, despite the Rabbis worst intentions. We know that “no one ever asked to be born” and we find no fault in their existence – we only ask from the nonwhite world to allow us a place on this Earth that we can exist – a place where white people can call home. For those who can see through the dust kicked up by the Rabbis and find reason with our request – we (the ones the Rabbis call “White Supremists”- like we want to “Lord over you” in order to get you to hate us and strike out against us) promise you a good place upon the Earth that you can call home – we promise you the right to defend yourselves and promise to share the good things of this world with you! If you profess this one called Jesus is the Christ, and agree that His good laws are to be obeyed – you will never have a greater friend than your White Christian friend!
It is very important to think these things through and make a decision this day because… For all those people who are denying ‘the Son of Man a place to rest his head’ – out comes the curses the Bible promises the lawless! We say “let those curses you have called upon us now come raining down upon your head.” Let the plagues of Egypt come upon you and may your bodies boil over with the sores of Job! Let your houses be broken in and your strong men bound and your daughters ravished! Let the “death angels “you have summoned for us gather their harvest among your kind! You who leer at our daughters – let your eyes be put out like you put out the eyes of our brother, Sampson! Those who misuse our sons and lay hands grievously upon our priests, bring the sword upon them, Father, for yours is the way of Justice!
See how easy that was? You see, the Rabbis have willfully mistranslated that scripture into a statement “…all they seek to do will not be kept from them…!” hoping that no one would notice that this was actually a question posed by the Author to His representation upon the Earth! (Look at how this is written in your Bible as compared to the original in the Septuagint!) Or in other words “I’ve given you all my power to rule this Earth with My Justice – so how much of this garbage are you going to take?”
The Rabbis have been lying to their own people as well! They know that they are not these people in the Bible called “Israel.” (But then the Talmud tells the Rabbis to “go down to the banks of the river and roll up balls of mud – mumble a few magic words – and these godless, mindless and soulless mud-people will become ‘Golems’ who will do the bidding of the Rabbis.”)
The Rabbis have already planned their escape with all their wealth in the last days –to someplace like Barbados – leaving the poorer but better behaved Jews behind to take the brunt of the punishment for their great crimes (just like they did in Germany 72 years ago and in Haiti at the turn of the 19th century)!
I will tell you “they will be filleting Rabbis into ‘rib-eyes’ in Barbados on His day! Karl Gharst