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How did you all ever get paid from your record group or company anyway?
Let's say that you produce your own albums and that your manager owns your record group, and out of his/her own money he lends you 1000 albums, but you don't have a list of the stores they will be sent to, and he would like one.
He/she also doesn't care for price up marking, so he says for example, "i'm selling you these for 5 bux each, the max you can charge is $7.77." Seventy seven cents should be for tax your marketer is paying for the upsurge of the $2.00 for shipping and supplying the stores.
How does the band or the original manager get the $5.00 back from his own pocket that he spends, and if he is the one that writes the checks, did the stores just rip the band off, forget to pay taxes and send them to court or or co creditors or something?
How did bar codes surface, legal?