String theory
How about 12 dimensions?
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I am certain that Physics theorists shall have a laugh that a layman with very limited physics education should proffer a new theory but how about this food for thought:
Could this be so?
That the Space of the 11th dimension is in fact gravity itself and the force of this 'universal glue' pressing upon the membranes moving through the tremendous force can create breaks in the membrane which then become the black holes of the parallel universe. Whereby galaxies are formed as the matter flows to create balance between the 11th dimension's gravity and fills or flows into the parallel membrane. When stabilization occurs the spinning slows. Gravity is weakest on the dark side of the wormhole (black hole) and strongest on the bright side where the matter flows in drawn by the gravitational pull of the 11th dimension? And there must be 12 dimensions...for it is the number 12 that a CIRCLE becomes complete. The circle complete from each and every point of singularity in every direction. Time folded upon itself for in every direction is an infinite circle leaving no outer limit to contain or be contained. It makes sense that there should be 12 dimensions-an equal division of a circle and lying in the mathematical expression of everything from our marking of time to our division of the sky. The 12 dimenison...that of AWARENESS...the dimension of BEING...sentient life...and the infinite awareness of knowledge...the ultimate sentient being...the GREAT CONSCIOUSNESS...we find GOD. Measurable...definable...explainable...scientific...mathematical
I am but a layman with a vision that makes sense to me so to those who have the tools..You do the math! LOL!