Commonwealth War Graves Commission
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Hi There
I`m trying to trace the history of my Great Uncle, He became the Secretary of the war graves commission folowing Sir Fabian Wave, His Name was Sir Frank Higginson, He joined the Great war in the Canadian Army along with his Brother who unfortunately was killed in Action, His other Brother (my Grand Father) Joined the Border Regiment in Carlisle, following the great war Frank Stayed in the army rising through the ranks to Brigadier and was Knighted in 1956 for his services to the War Graves Commission, Unfortunately my Grand Father and his brother Frank Lost touch Following a Family argument, he died in 1958 with no next of kin that we are aware of,his last known residence was in Melton Morbray, I`m hoping someone can point me in the right direction to trace his rise through the ranks and the location of his medals etc
Thank You
Frank Davidson