Baz Luhrmann
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Hi ,
I have to confess its my first time here and am not sure who this question is aimed at but for the sake of information regarding Baz Lurhmann, I see he is now about to make a new film called the Great Gatsby with Leonardo DeCaprio and is including a new 20year old unknown female Australian Actress fresh fron drama school(who's name escapes me right now).
Brandon Walters was a delight to witness in "Australia" and I was hoping to see more of him but has since dissappeared??? Does Baz have any plans to include Brandon Walters in any other of his productions? and are these new/lesser known child actors taken care of with regards to their future?
Is Brandon Walters pursuinging an acting career and is he getting the proper coaching by way of a good mentor/agent?
It would be shame full for new actors to have their hopes built up just to be cruely dumped after all the hype!!!
I know its a cruel world but vunerable people like this need help and support.