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My mom is a very frail 79 year old with advancing sarcodosis. She is allergic to prednizone and is on dexamethazone which has horrible side effects. Almost as bad as prednizone. Are there any treatments or anything she can take or do to reduce these side effects.?
Anxiously waiting for help.
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I am not a doctor and I in no way, intend to be giving any type of medical advice. I am only an individual who used to suffer from inflamation and joint pain. After observing my wife experience excruciating joint pain for years, I finally decided I had experienced enough pain from inflamation in my joints. Seeking physical relief from the pain and swelling, caused by inflamation, I finally tried ARTRIDOL. I had almost immediate relief and It also helped to increase my range of motion.

For years, all of my wife's joints were affected by RA and stiffness from swelling (inflamation) was very painful to her, daily. She used to take eight (8) 500 mg Bayer Asprin when she put her feet on the floor, after waking. Before getting out of bed, she would sit for about 15 minutes, flexing her fingers, moving her arms and legs about, until she had enough relief from the Asprin, to stand and walk away from the bed. An hour or so later, I would watch her leave out for work, totally free of pain.

After many years of nursing, she was talking to another nurse, about their problems. Her nurse friend, having similar problems, told her about Artridol and how her symptoms had all but vanished, after taking same. We obtained (on loan) a pack of 10 capsules to try. After the FIRST capsule, I watched my wife get out of bed that next morning, w/o taking even one Asprin. She has not had the symptoms in over 4 years now. She has no pain or swelling from inflamation, unless she stops taking this compound. Three days after ceasing same, she will begin to get swelling in her hands and fingers, accompanied by joint pain. After taking one capsule..., no more pain or problems, 24 hours later. She only takes one capsule, each day. She has not taken any Asprin in years.

I do not remember all three things in the compound. You can pull it up on line and research same. It has a very low steroid content, yet enough to give relief, given the other two things, which make up the compound. It has been a Blessing to both of us. We know about eight other people across Texas, who take Artridol. None of them have experienced any side affects and no one has experienced any problem with the meds they regularly take, on a daily basis, including my wife. I only take one capsule, about every third day..., and experience pain free days.

Neither of us would be discouraged by local doctors, who either claimed a lack of knowledge regarding Artridol or who would blow us off when we made inquiry, by simply stating, "Well, if it cannot be purchased in America, I would not recommend taking it."

We found one Doctor of Internal Medicine, who told us, "Artridol, is the best medicine you can get for inflamation and pain caused by AR, you just cannot get it here in America."