Bruce Springsteen
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I live in Madison, WI where there is protesting going on because of are new Governor who wants to bust up the Union's and end collective bargaining. He and the Tea Party refer to our teacher's as making lavish wages with cadillac benefits which is far from the truth.

This is only one thing our new Governor wants to do. He wants to cut our Medicaid and Badger Care program's which were developed for single mother's, children, the disabled, and the elderly. We would like Bruce Springsteen to come to Madison with his band, and play at one of the protests. I don't know how this would be paid for. I haven't got that far yet. I'm trying to find out if it would be a possibility. It would mean so much to Madison because of Bruce's work ethics and background growing up if he came to Madison, WI to be apart of what is happening here.

If anyone knows how I can directly email Bruce Springsteen or his Manager please send me an email.

Thank you and Solidarity to All