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Hello fellow cosmology lovers.

Does dark matter fall into a black hole, and create radiation as it falls in like normal matter? Thanks.

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I'm no scientist, but I believe it could be possible dark matter is some kind of "reflection" of anti-matter (potential) building it's charge in an as yet unobservable anti-matter half of our universe. The potential is building from information/energy entering this as yet unobserved half of our world through black holes. And gravity is radiated from the negative charge of matter, in "our" side of the universe. But anti-matter, being positively charged, would radiate expansive energy, rather than contractive. This expansive "pressure" is causing the universe to accelerate it's expansion, despite gravity's attempt to slow the expansion.
I believe the universe is conceptual first, and perceptual last. So the universe exists first in our minds. And the increasing awareness of our world in the collective human consciousness is bringing our macro perception of the universe into an irreversible reality.
This conceptual phenomenon had to occur in the negative half of our world, so it would build substance, until the consciousness of the universe (presumably in humans) reached mature awareness of the expansive nature of consciousness, evidenced in the expansive nature of love.
Quantum theory predicts the expectations of the observer play a significant role in the unfolding and shaping of our experience.
If we had been aware of the expansive nature of consciousness from the outset, as our intelligence evolved we would have interfered with the "hardening" of our reality. So we had to create reality from an "innocent" (ignorant) frame of mind. It is the emergence of collective mind, with it's consequent awareness of the universe that has brought the universe into an irreversible reality. In other words, the more "mind" the universe has to be aware of itself, the more solid and stable, in an existential way, the universe becomes.
Now, if you find my fantasy too hard (pun intended) to swallow so far, you might want to stop reading this, lest you choke on what I'm going to say next!
The Universe, and it's consciousness, have reached a maturity that will allow the substance, or reality of our world, to continue on without the aggregative potential of gravity as we know it. Our collective minds can not only hold our world together on it's own, but we will also take over the evolution of the Universe with our collective will. In fact, this is what 2012 consciousness is all about!
If dark matter is a reflection of anti-matter (positive) potential building in "the other half" of our world, when it reaches enough potential, it could reverse, or flip, the charge of the substance,or matter, of this world to positive. Sounds crazy, doesn't it?
The only difference between matter and anti-matter is the charge of the particles constituting atoms. Right now nearly everything, on the macro plane, as far as we can tell, has a negative charge. And our observations tell us electrical potentials flip all the time.
This is only conjecture, but I see a reversal of the charge of the matter constituting our world as the answer to all our philosophical questions about Life, including 2012 consciousness, which I believe is the revealing of the mind of Christ in the heart of humanity.
In a positively charged world, pain and suffering would be precluded. And Love's expansive nature, expressed through human behavior, will hurry our new reality into our awareness.
Art McConnell
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I have a theory re time continueum that perhaps this universe "has - is - will" develope to a point where time is fully realised as an illusion & thus everything must happen (& everything in the physical known universe + more is involved) as it is also history---a loop. So the conundrum is that we seem to be "travelling in a single direction timewise. (Arrow of time) Hawking.
Perhapse this is required for an evolutionary system to develope to a point of stepping outside the illusion so the loop has direction but no beginning or end. Conciousness of universe. Complete entanglement.
After all, there is only the present. Everything else is noted as history or conjecture.