Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms
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Hello, I am new here and would really appreciate to receive an answer from you.
Case:My neighbor calls different ministries and the local government on a regular basis and tells them untrue stories about me.They call and write and visit me on a regular basis and control me and my house. Which kind of rights does he violate in that case?
He also calls the police, who started different kinds of actions. For that situation we have the Criminal Code of Canada, section 140 public mischief.
A year ago the police charged me with CC Section 810 without having done a single investigation. Also the Crown Council charged me with the same cc section 140. I took a lawyer and was able to prove my innocence with the evidence (pictures) I had. I complained about the rcmp in the office of the commisssion for complaints against the rcmp.Result:The staff sergeant who was leading the investigation promised me, that it will never again happen to me.
on august 19th 09 the rcmp called me, accused me without investigation and threatened me with arrest because the neighbor told them again stories. they accused me for a period of nearly a week. I was helpless. I did not know what to do. I wrote faxes to the commission etc. now they will start again investigation and promise me again that it will not happen again? what can I do? which kind of rights did they violate? that is hate, that is prejustice, am I right? that is also harassment. I am an austrian widow and came to canada 18 years ago. please help. I have some plans to defend myself, but I would like you to give me some hints. I thank you in advance for your help.