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I am currently living in a town that virtually has only the basic things anybody would need. One thing i need would be potting mix for Piperaceae family plants. I got a few small examples a while ago, but they outgrew the little pot they came in. I want to replant them in a proper way.
Over here the only thing available for planting is common black dirt, in bags, sold for planting common plants.
What can i do ? I am wondering, i have a small amount of a aquarium substrate fertilizer left, it contains clay chips with .
This is what i found about it:"Contains all the essential plant nutrients such as iron and clay. Acts as a nutrient depot, absorbing surplus nutrients or releasing them as required.
Effective for minimum 3 years.
Does not contain the algae nutrients phosphate and nitrate"
Could i use this safely? Or what do you suggest ?
Thanks for the time you might take to help me.