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Gravity as another Dimension
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Could gravity be another dimension to our universe? Could black holes be a "portal" thru which gravity exerts it's "force" into "our world"? Could gravity be also a portal to lower planes of consciousness? If it is, what would be the portal to higher planes of consciousness?
Our scientists know basically how gravity works, but cannot percieve it directly except thru it's influence on matter.
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I think gravity is the result of the orbits and rotations of atomic sub-particles- it isn't a "dimension" but a force, similar to magnetism but lacking that's repulsion and strength.

Black Holes abound in our universe and are composed of heavy quarks and electrons (top-bottom; strange-charmed; and muons and tauons). They aren't "portals" to anywhere.

Physicists know how gravity works but not why and hopefully they will discover their Higgs Boson within a couple of years which is supposed to explain why apples fall from trees. However, I think quarks (in protons, neutrons, and mesons) and electrons (tauons, muons, and those)are made up of quarklets which then are endowed with mass by neutrinos, also made up of quarklets.

The orbits and rotations of quarklets probably generate gravity, which is only a gentle form of magnetism. In fact, quarklet groups probably make up "Spacetime"- the universe is an ocean of quarklets: gravitons which orbit a body and which bodies then exchange. A fanbelt of gravitons would flow between bodies (around their circumferences), determine their mutual orbits,
and be drawn from the gravity in their fields around them.