Naval Air Station Sigonella
Freind I served with there and 1997 NAS SIG airfield.
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I've been unable to contact a good freind of mine, I was posted there with during 1997. His first name as I called him was Tom but it may have actually been Thomas Cravey, I've been trying since 1995 with no luck. I would also like to get any information ofof a traggic air crash on our runway in 1967, I had the information but one of my wives must have trashed it. I had the names pictues, address and Ph#'s of each of my friends and no longer do, I know you can't help me with that.
I was told that the aircraft I mentioned earlier, was practicing touch and go landings, my freind told me there were five aircrew all perished, their ranks, type of aircraft and the Carrier they were posted on.