Engineering drawing
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First of all, I'm not American neither an English fluent speaker. Then I apologize my fails in the right use of the language (grammar, orthographies or whatever related). My topic (or question) is:
If you have been drawn a square (or whatever other geometric figure) with two crossed lines to show a shaft (or empty space). This area includes the perimeter walls? or it means only the real clear space?
In other words, if I want to design a stairs well of 8' x 16' of clear space and the perimeter walls will be made in 8" width CMU blocks. This space should be showed in the engineers plans as a rectangle of 8' x 16' with two crossed lines? or as a rectangle of 9'-4" by 17"-4" with two crossed lines?
I really appreciate the answers to clarify this no minor "detail" to reach a good interpretation and avoid mistakes.

Cristian Perez-Tirado