Early history of the Meissen Porcelain Factory.
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I have read all the history about this factory, I would like to add some history that was related to me. A descendant of the group of Andrae families that moved to Berlin because of the Hugenout era and lived on French St. in Berlin.. In 1740 one of this group was named Alton Fritz Andra, a soldier and chief gunner's mate in the artillery. He fought in the battle of Dresden in 1743 and was wounded on Dec. 15, 1745 near Kesslesdorf. Because he was wounded he was sent to Raderburg, during his recovery he married a girl named Henriette Sontag who had been his nurse. He intended to return to the service but he heard from his Father Fritz Andra who at that time was in charge of the Porcelain Factory in Beshlag. When his Father heard fromhkis son he said do not go back in the army but come to Meissen and help me run the Porcelain Factory, which he did. In Meissen they had children the third son was named Johann Ckhristian Traugott Andra who becane a burner in the Porcelain Factory. He married Ckhristiana Henriette Hammer who was born in 1789. They had eleven children, one of the children was named Franz Julius Andra who became a watchmaker and emigrated to North America and lived his life in Milwaukee, WI and became quite famous for his telephones and other elec. equipment. He moved to America in 1854, my Andrae family that was born in Griefenburg also moved to Milwaukee in about the same year. I am sure we are related. But back to Meissen, at that time one of the Master pottery Makers was named Carl August Andra or Andre or eventually Andrae. In about 1829 he married a gir named Caroline Wilhelmine Kuhl, she was known as a Ward of the King, do not know what that means, anyway in about 1830 or so they woud have their first child named Julius Herman Andrae, at tht time in history, the King of Saxony realized how important the formula for the white porcelain was and put out an edict that any one who knew anything about the formula would be put to death. Hearing this and fearing for his wife Carl August Andra andhis wife and son Julius fled Meissen and ended up in Zechin, Brandenburg, Prussia, a little town of mabe 300 people and located in the flood plain of the Oder River. There Carl and his wife had their family, at this time he was a stove maker. I have traced all of his family and they all fled to America at different times. Now where did I get all this history. On Franz Julius Andrae's 50th wedding anniversary his family in Meissen wrote or published a genealogical history of their family dating way back to Alton Andra. It was in German, so a descendant translated it to English and a copy of this book is in the Milwaukee Public Library. Now how do I fit into this picture, Carl August Andra, Andre was a brother to my great great Grandfather David Friederick Andrae born in Griefenberg. Why do I write this history because I wonder if anyone can verify the story that I have written. I have traced my Andrae family back to John Gottlieb Andre b. 1720 in Griefenberg, he was a master brick maker. Thought this history might raise some questions. At one time I was in touch with a lady in Meissen who did verify that there was an old edict that was put out that anyone who knew the formula for white clay would be put to death. Would like to hear from anyone on this story. Maxwell O Andrael, I live in Wis. Rapids, WI thanks