Ultimate fate of the universe
Do we "really know" anything for sure???
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Hey folks,
Wonder if anyone has any thoughts about the fact that there are trillions(according to this site)of stars in the "observable" universe.And add to that the billions of years old the universe is.If there is other life out there(believe me there's lots and lots)wouldn't there be a possibility that some of them may be thousands if not millions if not billions of years more advanced than we are??(keep an open mind here!!)Imagine how they may have adapted to our tiny little universe.It may seem like childs play to watch us crawl around in our little playpen earth(guaranteed we would not know they were there).We believe ourselves to be intelligent, imagine the possibilities of an intelligence that has evolved beyond the body.Think how many things technology has given us in the last 100 years,if physics does not restrict us with RULES our evolution could, hypothetically, be boundless.fast forward 500 years WOW Just imagine,I love to think even now we are being scrutinized in a kind,loving way by a civilization who is fascinated by our childhood.LOL Love to hear any thoughts or opinions!!!