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My daughter has had her expander (and head gear) for about 3 weeks now. I HATE the key! I gag her and she cries.........horrible ordeal for her to have. I wanted this more pleasant. She has to wear the headgear as much as possible and that's about 15-20 hours a day as it is. That has gone wonderfully but the turning of that expander is an issue. The key is ridiculous with a little plastic "rope" attached that you are suppose to hold on to and gag the crap out of your child while trying to turn that key way back in her throat. The keys I see online have a wonderful handle and turning the expander is so easy! Where can one purchase those? I am wanting to do this for her but I have no idea if I can actually purchase one online or not. Her orthodontist said that is the only key they use so I can't get another from him. He said she'll get use to this but I push on her tongue so hard to get room in there to turn it now as it is. I was told that the more you turn it, the easier it becomes........not sure if that's true or not.

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