String theory
Can the brain could influence strings (My new theory)
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Hello everyone.

I was thinking about something today and wanted to share so I found this Forum, create an account then here I am.

Tell me what you think (be polite please)

I came to some tought about string theory and human brain.

I know human brain (as every brain in fact) emit frenquencies (brainwave).

I know that in string theory, if strings vibrate a certain way, it do some stuff (Our future i mean). Ex: if it vibrate a certain way, that bottle of coke may fall or not

And now as weird as it may seems, about the book "the secret" if you read it (or not), the trick in the book is "your wish is my command" (my reffer to the universe). In clear: think about it strongly until it happen and believe strongly that it wil happen ant it will happen

Connected to "the secret" there is a similar way of thinking called "ho'oponopono" (Hawaïan meditation philosophy). The trick in this one is in clear "everything is your fault" things are the way they are because that's how you think it shall be. To modify it you must "forgive" and "be sorry", then you have to re-think how things must be.....(something close to that)


So all of this stroke my mind yesterday. Could all of this be linked? So here's a Theory I wanted to share and got feedback of it.

Can our Brain have an influence on how the strings vibrate? If so, this would mean that some people are able to make things happen simply by thinking about it. (psychic)

By example, since forever I got this little "talent" at thinking to something (by example, a complex word from the dictionnary that is not an everyday word. In fact, not an every year word). I Focus on that word really hard and inside 2 weeks I will hear it.

Sometime it could be someone that I didn't got any news from since a long time then phone is ringing and it's that even person.

It could be something I can see as well.

Things like that could happen to anybody from time to time but for me, it's almost every week.

I'm not pretending to be a psychic or something. I just wanted to ask about brainwaves and strings.

Could Brainwave influence Strings? From what I know, little is known about strings but strings can vibrate like notes on an music instrument. If our brain can act as an arch on a violon and the music notes was the strings's vibrations,...

anyway I think you all know ehre I go with this. I'm tired and going to bed now...