Can anyone put me in touch with an elder of the Choctaw nation
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I'm going through a very difficult period of time right now, emotionally and would very much like to speak with an elder of the Choctaw nation. My tribal heritage is Cherokee but I live in Dallas, Tx which is nearer to Oklahoma and the Choctaw casinos. PLEASE help put me in touch with somebody who is familiar with the old ways and who might be able to make sense of the story that I have to tell, and how much heartbreak it is bringing into my life right now. I'm riding the razor's edge and it just seems so plausible that any one thing could push me right over the side. I'm forty-eight years old this year and want to end my life to end the pain. There MUST be an easier way to break the bindings that i'm feeling with another who is 1300 miles away, whom I see and recognize as my soul mate but can do nothing about for so VERY many reasons. IF only I could talk this through with a shaman, or even an elder.... somebody who might be able to suggest how to even break the ties that bind myself and this young man together even. PLEASE HELP ME! (This is a serious post. Please treat it that way.)