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CT-theory - Antigravity, informational-time quantum-correlation
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I very hope that this great knowledge will be useful for сreation of a new approaches for increase of productivity for elimination of famine, rejuvenation and longevity of human health, creation of a new energy source.
New energy sources - Antigravity in particular has more deep physical sense, than еlectromagnetic field.

I send the CT-theory abstract – 6 pages (total: 180 pages) for You. I hope for your understanding.
The CT-theory has the essentially new fruitful approach to mechanism of Nature, Time, Antigravity. I am convinced, that these approaches are extremely important for physics and biology and will allow to find the surprising evolutionary decisions.

The synopsis of the CT-theory (total: 180 pages)

Introduction . The theory about Complimentary Temporality and Information optics (further - CT-theory) is a new understanding of the World, World as an information process, information in time. As a whole the CT-theory is the theory about Universe and Human being unity.
The theory about Complimentary temporality - CT-theory is a theory about times of objects, in particular is a theory about Human being (bioobject) , systems as an information process in time.
The Information optics is applied party of the CT-theory considers transfer and transformation of the information in time .
Main directions of the CT-theory:
• The perception of the World more completely. The CT-theory as an Object offers You to accept joint participation for development of the CT-theory in theoretical and applied spheres.
• Creation of Antigravity engine and sources (our planet system need a new source );
• Increase of productivity with the purpose elimination of famine ;
• Rejuvenation and longevity
• A new approach to transportation (Information optics).

2. A model of the Universe processes («GUB-model»). Gravitation and Antigravity - Universe unity.

The CT-theory is based on the unity of the Universe and Human being nature - the uniform of the mechanism of information (space-time) opening . At the beginning the Universe is primary Vacuum , which has the Dynamic flows. According to the CT-theory, the Vacuum is a Form. The Universe had Vacuum with dynamic flows . Further in result of collision of the dynamic flows has taken place Great Universe Braking (GUB) , that is bringing to the creation of star systems , galaxies and material Universe as a whole , which we’re watching today .
Due to the Great Universe Braking (GUB) our Solar system - rotation of planets in the various directions is a result of the huge Dynamic flows collision . In result of these collisions (under braking) the dynamic flow vacuum has passed in the virtual vacuum with the subsequent allocation in a hard matter . Our Earth (and other planets) rotate in the party of a stronger dynamic flow (about 100 000 km / hour). The so-called «black holes» (neutron stars) - stars, where takes place a huge GUB . Today the astronomers have opened, that each Galaxy has its a black hole. The huge dynamic flows (in collision) have formed Galaxy’s spirals, in which new worlds are borning . Tthere are the birth of the Universe systems - opening of the Space-times in the Universe.
Figuratively, the visible world of the forms (star systems, Galaxies) constitutes from vacuum like the glass-blower blows a vessel. This process reminds a whiping of the cream. The stronger GUB - the firmer a matter in the different places of the Universe . Every point of the Universe has its individual GUB . Every braking process has its inertia . Any braking has own inertia . That is the GUB (braking) is opening Vacuum in a firm matter (an object with its space-form) . The inertia is a Time of the matter (space-form) . That is the conception of the Time , time of an object is a forming-process of the matter. Every object in the Universe has its individual braking - individual inertia - individual time. The CT-theory considers modern understanding of the Time , ( linear process : from the Past to the Future is a deep error) .
As a whole our Universe(World) has two kind of energy: the Gravitation and Ungravitation . In particular the radioactive elements are the matter with strong braking and radiation is the inertia , which takes place under this Great Universe braking . The Gr and UnGr are the constituent parts of the one Great energy - Vacuum energy .
At a micro-level - at an atomic level the braking (GUB) increases . We know how difficultly to split atom. Under atomic/electronic braking (in nuclear accelerator) we receive inertia - electronics emission or emission of other micro-particles, which we name as radiation . The CT-theory is based on the Great Universe Braking (GUB) . And this mechanism embraces macro and micro objects of the Universe in vertical down to atom . In the methodological plan it explains the law of preservation of energy at a micro-level: «vacuum - atom - electron» .

3. Complimentary temporality and Complimentary temporal compensation.
As stated above any object in the World has its individual braking , individual inertia, individual space-time (IST). In particular any person (as an bioobject) is surrounded and is situated in the IST-s of various objects: the Earth, Moon, Sun, other people and objects, environmental processes, in informational processes as a whole. The CT-theory asserts , that a person(object) has and is situated in two basic informational-time quantum-condition :

-Complimentary temporality with environmental objects (object) - CT-condition (regime)
-Complimentary temporal compensation with environmental objects (objects) - CTC-condition(regime)

In some definite situations a person enters in CT-condition with IST of other object, another regime is the CTC-conditions . As a rule a person has some definite mixed CT/CTC picture of the informational-time quantification . In the CT-condition a person has joint informational-time quantum-process of its IST with IST of other object. In the CTC-condition a person blocks its IST from intrusion or immersing in another's IST. Figuratively every person is constantly in binary code of the СТ - СТС processes(regimes) . That is under the contact with surrounding objects a person due to the СТ-СТС code process, constitutes informational-time quantum-pockets (ITQP) , which have definite forms . The informational-time nature of Human being consists of the ITQP-s - informational-time pockets . Due to the complimentary temporality (CT-condition) all objects in the Earth-system have an unified Informational-time Whole (ITW) . That is the Earth-system’s objects dispite of the current CTC-quantum-condtions have some unified CT-condition , which we can consider as the ITW .
In particular the CT-theory considers phenomenon of Sleep , as a CT-regime (in a part : a person-person’s organism) . An illnesses has own СТ-regimes between of bacteria, viruses and Human being - process of formation uniform informational-time whole of the ill person and viruses (bacteria) . Weakening of the immune system is a decrease of CTC-potential. Usage of alcohol, narcotics, increased sexuality are the lack of CT-potential (condition). As a whole the CT-theory considers, that the modern mankind has very lowered CT-potential, that brings to the increase of usage of narcotics , alcohol , ect. .
4. About informational-time quantification. A Human being as information in a time. An informational-time nature of a Human being in processes of braking, inertia, acceleration , fixing , unfixing , vacuum-de-vacuum .
About vacuum and de-vacuum processes. As stated above, the Individual time is an Individual inertia of a person during its braking. That is all person’s life is the individual braking process. More simple processes take place every day. Eating up of a food, (alcohol, drug) brings to the increase of individual fixing and then - individual braking, which brings to the increase of energy. After surge of energy a person can fall asleep. According to the CT-theory the vacuum and de-vacuum processes in Humane being are very important too. The CT-theory marks the law correlation:
• Fixing  De-vacuum processes increases
• Unfixing  Vacuum-processes increases
A Human being has some another main cycles . But the energy allocation says us about information-time re-quantification as an informational allocation in a time within of one Individual space-time (IST) .
About «Great IT-CC» . The CT-theory notices the following very important correlation:
 [Individual braking ] [Individual fixing]  [Energy allocation] ;
 [Individual acceleration]  [Individual fixing]  [Individual braking]  [Energy allocation]

That is our World presented for a Human being , all living nature this very Great informational-time caliber correlation : a person can be situated in the braking or accelerating processes , but he has possibility to mobilize and accumulate its energy independently .
Another words , as a whole the GUB-mechanism is a mechanism of the constant energy allocation as in braking as in accelerating processes
Three levels of information-time quantification . The CT-theory considers , that person has (in current of a day) a huge quantity of inertial processes , braking , acceleration , vacuum/de-vacuum processes . Nevertheless all of them are grouped at three levels of interconnected infromational-time quantifiacation : LIQ, MIT, IQP.

 LIQ-level - level of the CT/CTC informational-time quantum-correlation on the organic/inorganic level ; «person-nature» level
 MIT - CT/CTC informational-time quantum-correlation on the thinking level ; «person-world-person» level
 IQP - CT/CTC informational-time quantum-correlation on the spiritual level ; «person-world» level

5. Informational optics.
If You can imagine that person’s life is not a process from the past to the future and it can imagine as a united process as from future-to-past, so from past-to-future - You are very close to the Informational optics . Imagine , if the Human being process (as any process) can consider as an process from the end , it means that person’s life is some informational-time quantum-pocket (ITQP) . As a whole the CT-theory thinks that all processes develop from the past to the future . And Human being’s birth is bifurcation of a Human being process - openning of the ITQP .
As a whole the possibilities(laws) of the Informational optics(IO) is unlimited . Any point of the Universe can «touch» to the another point . That is a distance doesn’t matter for the IO.
About Antigravityal (UnGr) - engine . As stated above the nature of the Gravitation and Antigravity (UnGr) is united . Both of these conceptions lie down in the GUB-nature . Under the CT-theory the UnGr is unperiodical fixing process . The Gr as a conception is periodical unfixing process . As a whole our mankind has not wide understanding about influence of the periodical and unperiodical proceses for the all vital spheres . We should imagine more wider the Gravitation and Gravitational conception . Due to the Gr some periodical processes in the Humane being organism are taking place every moment . Such caliber processes take place undependently from acceleration and braking of the sympathetic and parasympathetic systems . Such methodological approach can help to see the great role of the unperiodical processes in the Earth-system . Our system has the such organization, that any fixing is connected with an unperiodicity , unperiodical processes . The fixing processes in one’s turn help to release the energy of vacuum form the matter : [unperiodical process]  [ individual fixing]  [individual braking(GUB)]  [energy of vacuum] .
And we should imagine that our life , Earth-system’s life, Universe as a whole are situated in these two processes constantly . The UnGr-processes are connected with energy allocation ; the Gr-processes are (caliber) stabilizers of these processes in the World . That is these two processes have deep natural interrelation . As a whole our Earth(Universe) as a gigantic steam-boiler is filled of the Ungravitation . The processes of the Great Universe Braking (GUB) extract from dynamic vacuum a huge quality of energy and lights stars . It possible to say , that the Universe (vacuum) , as if stabilizes («drops anchor») , at the expense of the stars , planet systems , Galaxies , hard matter as a whole .
Our Earth is a gigantic UnGr-engine(machine) . In shortly UnGr engine consists of source of periodical emission and system of non-periodical fixing in vacuum, there for anti-gravity is allocation.
The quantum-structural principle of the accumulation and storage of information . About phenomena of telepathy and hypnotism . As stated above a Human being is information-time quantum-packet (ITQP) . The whole person’s ITQP is , so-called , «Mega-packet» , which consists of the some Super-packets(pockets) , which in one’s turn consists of the simple ITQP-s . Figuratively, it looks like a tree with fruits . According to the CT-theory any information has its density and elasticity ; every person’s ITQP has these quantum quantities That is the ITQP - is Artificial Individual space-time of the Human being . It’s one side of the Human being problem.
As a whole the phenomenon of the Sleep is natural phenomenon of transfer from the ART-IST zone to Crear-IST zone . But in this situation ART-IST computer don’t remember ITW-information .
The phenomenon of the hypnotism connected with ART-IST zone . In paritcular children to give way to hypnosis very bad , because of children are more situated in the Clear-IST zone . Therefore being in the Clear-IST zone children have phenomenal gifts to foresee and foretell events . Some twins in the childhood period are possessed of the telepathy gift between them . As a whole the CT-theory considers possibility to increase of the BS-condition for creation of the natural Human being BS-conditions and for electronic embodiment as the CT-computer (=ITW-computer) .
As a whole for the CT-theory , if we refuse from Clear-IST zone (and whole conception about information-time structures) then we should refuse from the phenomena of telepathy , hypnotism , sleep, Human being , information processes in space and time at all.

Dr. K.Dosby