British Market Town Leek-Sings Auld Lang Syne Around Historic Roundabout to save it from bulldozers
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Would love to hear from any other communites from accross the world who have tried to save their roundabouts from destruction - we need help - please watch

One Roundabout, One Town, One Massive Message
Hands Off Our Roundabout!

Over 1500 protesters peacefully marched through their market town, Leek, in the beautiful Staffordshire Moorlands to get local politicians to stop the proposed destruction of their iconic roundabout, which is over looked by one of the largest war memorials in the country. It is earmarked for destruction with the arrival of Sainsbury’s supermarket at the edge of the town and proposed changes to the road network by the local Staffordshire Moorlands District council.

The peaceful protestors came out in force to support the cry for help from the Royal British Legion Gentlemen who were left standing at the island asking anybody for help to protect it from destruction. They want it left alone in respect to their fallen colleagues mentioned on the neighboring Nicholson War Memorial 1.

‘Its is a sad sad day for our country when true men of honor who fought in the second world war for our freedom are left defenseless to fight an invisible force of complex planning laws, the power of the super markets, and local councilors deaf to their requests. How can these true war heroes fight people armed with posh suits, laws and profit in mind? These are the same people these people fought and died for so they could have a life of freedom – they should be ashamed of themselves’ commented Sarah Gayton a resident of Leek.

The people of Leek did not abandon their pleas of help, as they marched through the town, with their placards held high reading ‘democracy not egotism’, ‘respect the monument’ and ‘save our roundabout’ singing loud and proud ‘Give Leek a Chance’. All walks of life joined the protest, from mums pushing prams, to grannies on walking sticks and for those who could not walk on mobility scooters, all of which wanted their voice heard.

As they walked to the island a lone bagpiper played the lament, as layer after layer of people circled it and brought the traffic to a standstill. What followed was stunning. The piper struck up the tune to Old Lang Syne, and the community held hands, stood firm and sang out to let the world know how passionate they are to keep their roundabout.

The events of the day can be seen at YouTube Channel Leek1207 - Give Leek a Chance - The site has had over 450 views and has been viewed across the world, with people watching it in New Zealand, China and Japan to name a few. The roundabout is also gaining national status next year as it has already been selected as one of only 12 roundabouts to get iconic status awarded by the UK Roundabout Appreciation Society and will feature in their calendar.

So please support the people of Leek in there attempts to grant the wishes of the Royal British Legion, and to keep their culture and heritage alive in their own market town. Staffordshire Moorlands District Council please listen your voters have spoken or should we say sung!