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I've been trying to retrieve bank documents when I use to own a automobile dealership. This bank closed me down because I was out of trust in which means when a car was sold the car was'nt paid off to the bank. I was out of trust approxitmley $130,000 but I had the money in CD's, checking account and savings account to cover them. When I knew I was this far out I called the bank and told my commercial loan officer and explained what had happened. She had said this would be no problem because of the securities that I had. Well anyway after when I made the phone call one particular loan officer came out and did a floorplan check. This person was only gone for about 10 to 15 minutes, this person came back in and said Wayne where is the remaining $340,000 of cars are at I was in disbelieve I had know idea so I thought my office manager had made a serious mistake on the accounting side. I had know reason or excuse on what happened. Well to make a long story short the bank was trying to get me for fraud. I knew I did not defraud the bank. So I was convicted of unlawful disposal of collateral. I lost my home of 11 years, 15 acres of property that I had planned to build a future home on, went through a very bitter divorce. This all went down in the year of 2002. When I went to trial I had an attorney but he was not a bank law attorney. We were all going into this blind, so I had know proof. I had know idea what happened. Well anyway after a few years the bank officers that was envolved with my business got fired for stealing money on reposession automobiles. On bank officer had committed suicide. So I started gathering all of my business documents as I gathering and breaking down my documents there was some serious mistakes. When this bank convicted me they only convicted me on the documents that one of the bank officer had provided to their attornies. After realizing there was 56 bank trust receipts that was'nt entered into the courts there was on 37 bank trust receipts that was used to convict me. I knew there was something seriously wrong so I contacted a bank law attorney he told me to go to the bank and request the remaining documents along with my check ledger so I did. I called the bank and made the request they said no problem but I would have to pay to obtain them I said no problem. After a few days they called me ans said they had them so I went to get them. I looked at them and they were the same EXACT documents that was used to convict me. So I called the bank back and they told me that I would have to contact their attorney. I tried to get the documents again then again I got the the same EXACT documents. Why won't they give me these documents. They are covering up the remaing bank trust receipts. I had explained my situation to a another person that was in business. He had a different situation with another bank he went online and retained a phone # for consumers that had issues with their bank. So he had give me the same information. My situation was dealt with the Comptroller of the Currency Administartor of National Banks. I wrote a very detailed letter and gave examples of what I needed to prove my innocense. They received my letter back in late June of 2010. They told me it would take up to approxitmely 60 days of some type of response so I waited after that date they were still checking into it after several phone calls one person said I would be getting a letter of closing within 5 to 7 business days. I called on the 11th day still no letter. So I called again this person told me I would get it priority mail in 3 to 5 business days so I waited and called on the 14th business day and this person apologized so this person told me that it would take 10 business days so here I'm waiting again. All I want is the remaining bank trust receipts that I am entitled to what is this bank hiding. I have a real good idea but I need these documents to proof my case. When I was convicted of this case I am ordered to pay $236,000 restitution. I need some help! I know what happened but I need these documents. I was convicted in 2003 I have been struggling with this for 7 years now! I want peace and closure plus to clear my name. I need some serious advice. Thank You for listening to me.