List of eye diseases and disorders
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Baby Angelita Age; 6+ years, Weight 28 kgs was born 36 days preterm by normal delivery. Baby had neonatal hyperbilirubinaemia and was admitted in incubator.

Baby had seizures twice in neonatal periods. Baby CT scan report stated “Communicating Hydrocephalus”. Baby was operated “Right V.P.shunt” Baby had developmental delay.

Baby was advised which Tab Epilex + Frisium But, Baby is not able to attend regular class room even after 6 year due to hyperactivity and poor vision. Baby had poor vision since beginning. The first time, we noticed when baby started walking but she was not able to recognize properly. She always had problem negotiating stair and she always has problem with depth perception.

She was diagnose with Nystagmus and is being put on Alphagan eyes drops. The Doctor has diagnosed -7.0 x 180o by -3.0 x 180o & prescribed glasses with -2.5 x 180o by -2.0 x 180o

I want to know how soon my daughter would be able to correct her eys sight with available medical treatments.