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Automated water tank
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Hello all,

I am a tertiary student in Fiji (South Pacific), the area i live in unfortunately is prone to water cuts. however it has challenged me to try and solve the problem by designing a system that will help when there is water cuts occurring in the area. I am currently designing a automated water system whereby water is retrieved from the tank when water supply is cut off from source and water to be automatically refilled into tank when water is below certain level through the use of a motor. I have managed to design the digital section of the circuit comprising of logic gates for the water level indicator.
the operation is as follows:

\* 2 inputs
\* 2 outputs
\* when water level drops below the first sensor, the indicator (LED 1) is "ON"
\* when water level drops below second sensor, the indicator (LED 2) is turned "ON" at the same time turning "ON" the motor
\* however since motor is turned "ON", the water starts to fill up and when it passes the sensor (second) the (LED 2) turns "OFF" 'BUT MOTOR IS SUPPOSE TO KEEP RUNNING'
\* when water reaches the top sensor, it turns "OFF" the (LED 1) & at the same time, to turn "OFF" motor

I have designed my circuit using circuit maker software, but my problem is that when water fills up below second sensor & eventually passes it, the motor is switched "OFF" before it fills the water to the top (FULL TANK). Can someone please assist me........