Food chain
A better theory for food cycle
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I want to describe that defecate is the missing link to convert food chain into food cycle.

We all know that one benefit of defecate would be using it as fertilizer. All the food comes from the green plants. Then consider that defecate is the food for the green plants. I believe this is a better theory for food cycle. Live beings are divided in to two groups; Animals and Green Plants. Animals take food and give fertilizer, and the green plants take fertilizer and give food. As much as the animals need to eat food the green plants need to take fertilizer, and as much as the animals need to give off fertilizer the green plants need to give off food. (The last claim is true; if you do not harvest the produce, the farm field goes ill, and can not be farmed for some years. That is because green plants like to live among fertilizers not food. Just like the animals need to live among food not fertilizers.)

And the green plants and animals have been evolving through ages, and making the life forms more sophisticated and more enjoying. And evolution is an exponential advancement. What I am getting to is one can have an exponentially advancing life just by eating and defecating and not working hard. And maybe this hard work we humans think is necessary is damaging the nature which is our future. May be if we did not insisting in hard work, every where would be green and full of life.

And the needs of the green plants and animals, the fertilizer and the food, are opposite of each other. This resembles the needs of males and females which is opposite of each other. This opposite nature of needs makes it so much more fun. Consider that the animals and green plants are sort of making love.

I think you would agree that defecate has been the worst thing that existed. And I think that if we find a good reason for creation of defecate, you would agree that there is a good reason for creation of everything. Then one would say that with all the good things that God has created, he is not guilty of creating anything bad either. What I am saying is God created the animals and the green plants to live with each other and enjoy each other and have an exponential progress without having to work hard. I believe this is a good reason for the creation of defecate.

Just remember not working hard should not be a harder work by itself. Sometimes not to work is too much work. And I don’t want to throw all the equipment and tools we have produced by hard work away. Let’s just live the present life and consider our jobs as a hobby or art and keep busy and away from being bored by just eating and defecating. But keep your mind away from worries of earning food and destroying defecate, and enjoy your eating and defecating. Everybody is needed as is.

Best Regards,
Kayvan Barin