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Quantum Physics – Qubit – the “undetermined”

My thesis is that the “qubit” (1&0) in quantum computing may represent the undetermined complement (neither 1 nor 0, but both) analogous to the Unconditioned dimension of the Trinity. I would appreciate readers comments and input (see “Trinity: the Soul of One God” at ).

Hesiod called it the “Void” or “Chaos” out of which comes the prime differentiation of the One, and the Many, from the “All” – the totality out of which they initially emerge and into which they ultimately integrate. Plato called it the “Mingled Essence” of One Same and Many Other. More recently, the astrophysicist Sir Arthur Eddington defined it as “Undifferentiated Sameness” indistinguishable from boundless “Nothingness.”

“The whole Universe may have appeared out of literally nothing at all, created as a quantum fluctuation in the same way that quantum uncertainty allows a virtual pair of particles to appear and to exist for a short time before annihilating.” In Search of the Big Bang – J. Gribbin, P.372.

“Quantum fluctuations may have been very important in the origin of the structure of the universe: according to inflation the ones that existed when inflation began were amplified and formed the seed of all current observed structure.” Wikipedia explanation of quantum fluctuation – Google P.1.

Quantum fluctuations produce what physicists call “entangled” pairs of particles which behave as a single entity. The success of quantum computing and the qubit ‘1&0’ (neither ‘1’ nor ‘0’, but both); in a form of quantum “superposition” or consummation, would demonstrate the validity/applicability of quantum entanglement, which persists as a birthmark, no matter how far apart the particles become. By harnessing the power of metaphysical synthesis with an electronic blueprint, the qubit could exponentially increase the speed of computer computations, and achieve other possible breakthroughs.

A quantum computer achieves an exponential speed-up over classical linear computing by using the phenomena of superposition of quantum states in the electronics itself, as a variable representing the disjunctive “global” combination of the entangled opposites, or sides of a question. In qubit devices, the 1&0 is a compliment of the 1 and the 0, in a superposition, asserting the value of a disjunctive antinomical third coordinate (the aggregate or synthesis), without specifying the values of the disjuncts separately. This brings in quantum uncertainty, but gives systematic freedom grounded in synthesis (1&0) added to the dialectical perspective (1) or (0).

Because the undifferentiated (1&0) qubit always retains its own undetermined complementary identity, its ultimate value is only revealed in probabilities, which in the quantum computation of many practical questions approach 100% (at least in the final answer). The metaphysics of the triad of ‘1’, ‘0’, and ‘1&0’, ties in so well with the triads and trinities reflected in the words and worldviews of Buddha, Lao Tzu, Plato, Jesus Christ, Immanuel Kant, and others, that it seems to have the same coherent, consistent, and comprehensive basis.

The point is that 1&0 is neither 1 nor 0, but an undetermined third coordinate proceeding from both. It may be significant that this abstract formula is parallel to the traditional definition of the third person of the Trinity who is neither the spirit of the Father, nor the spirit of the Son, but the Holy (holistic) Spirit “proceeding” from them both. Somewhat like the Holy Ghost, the qubit is neither totally ‘on’ nor only ‘off,’ but both – neither differentiator, nor differentiated, but undifferentiated – neither determiner, nor determined, but undetermined.

Perhaps quantum mechanics seems so mysterious because it relates closely to the infinite underlying formula (the only apparent adequate metaphysical vehicle) of creation – the Trinity Absolute. The secret of the Trinity may be disclosed and discovered in the synthesis of the third or unconditioned coordinate – the undetermined identity or “hidden” variable some physicists have been looking for.

Evidence of the power of quantum computing would validate qubit theory, and by implication support the concept of Trinity Absolute, as its possible metaphysical basis.

Modern radio astronomers have apparently found the background radiation left over from a sudden and definite “Big Bang” which occurred about 14 billion years ago. The idea of a sudden explosion of energy into matter fits well with what is known of the current composition and expansion of the cosmos. If the distance between galaxies is increasing today, everything must have been closer together in the past, and the universe may have begun from a point of infinite density.

“This event that marked the beginning of the universe is all the more amazing when one reflects on the fact that a state of ‘infinite density’ is synonymous with ‘nothing.’ There can be no object that possesses infinite density, for if it had any size at all, it would not be infinitely dense. Therefore, as astronomer Fred Hoyle points out, the big bang theory requires the creation of matter from nothing (but infinite potential).” God: Readings in Philosophy edited by T. A. Robinson. P.65.

Exploding from apparently nothing but the potential energy behind and power of goodness inherent in the idea of itself, balanced and cradled in the arms of the Trinity Absolute; the ‘seed’ of material reality suddenly appeared out of ‘nothing’, and began to grow and evolve, becoming the expanding universe we know today. Just as the abstract laws of pure reason (mathematics, logic, cause/effect, etc.) are immutable and eternal truths, existing before anything and after everything, made out of nothing but the power of ideas and the force of reason itself; so the concept of Trinity may be a past-eternal potential, and probably infinite.

Samuel Stuart Maynes