Cotton gin
27% of USA's cotton crops failed,How will this impact our economy.
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First to feel this will be the farmers of Texas,who have lost almost all of the 2011 harvest.Texas is the largest cotton producing state,with 27% of the United states cotton harvest in Texas.The great state of texas will lose 8000 jobs in Cotton Gins alone,not to mention all other related feilds.Such as seed mill's that make cotton seed oil.Cotton seed is also feed for dairy cow's that make untold amounts of other product's.There will be increase in the prise of cotton textile's and medical use of cotton for bandaid's gauze,medicine bottels,Q-tips and instalation.This will increase the prise of seed and raw cotton.A lage amount of company's will lose profit's in the hard hit area's.The company's such as the Gin I work for in Missouri will make alot more this year than they did in 2010,which was 24 million.This may push seed up to $500 per ton and might bring $1.50-$2.00 per lbs of unclean cotton.The price of milk will rise so if you love milk it is going to cost you.I am sorry for the other Gin's loss, but I am looking forward to making alot of money.$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$